OTR Trucking and Fleet Service Software
RHx Systems Inc., located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, develops and provides professional trucking software to trucking companies and shippers big and small.  For over 25 years, we have provided such services to over 750 trucking companies throughout the United States.  Our in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise deliver products and services to help our clients improve efficiency, help retain drivers, and best of all, increase their bottom line.

The D.A.D. Systems (Driver Automated Dispatch) is a unique product that has been needed within the trucking industry for years.  This totally integrated real time system lowers operating costs by reducing dispatch interaction, improves driver retention by allowing drivers to select their loads, increases profitability by load planning and balancing, and boosts customer satisfaction by showing real time shipment tracking.


You need D.A.D. Systems.  A unique and powerful tool designed specifically for trucking companies, owners, dispatchers, and drivers.   
 $525/GPS Unit - $40/Mo.

Our near real-time fleet management system will give you the ability to increase revenue by monitoring productivity. 
 $525/GPS Unit - $25/Mo.
Track all of your expensive machinery and know their exact location at pre-determined times. These devices are true satellite tracking devices.
 Pricing based on Quantity
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